75604 - Atomic memory

Ν. Lygeros

It’s important to keep in mind a decision which has changed the history of the world. Because for Humanity it was a step of consciousness. It’s death was no longer a taboo. People had to know that even its suicide was possible. Because barbarity was at that time at its highest level. From the beginning the black and the red ideologies wanted the atomic bomb. It’s just impossible to imagine what would have been the consequences for Mankind if they were the first to get this weapon. Because we already know what kind of genocides they did, only to justify their ideology. But in the race, they were stopped by freedom and intelligence. The Manhattan Project was active from 1942 to 1946 and disbanded on August 15th 1947. Without the help of the nuclear physicist Robert Oppenheimer this development effort would have been impossible. The project was also charged to control the evolution of the German nuclear weapon project. And if we want to realize how difficult the whole project was it’s sufficient to say that despite the Manhattan Project’s tight security, Soviet atomic spies successfully penetrated the programme. We need just to recall names like Klaus Fuchs or Julius Rosenberg.