75605 - Soviet nuclear weapon

Ν. Λυγερός

As usual, in Soviet Union, everything was classified and especially the Soviet atomic bomb project. Of course, this one had nothing to do with the Manhattan Project. The viewpoint was totally different. The Soviets wanted to construct the atomic bomb but only during World War II. Before, the idea was only theoretical. So the flashpoint was the decision of Joseph Stalin. It was Georgy Flyorov who insisted on starting a program. This is the reason of the existence of the Soviet spy rings even in the United States Manhattan Project. It’s interesting to realize that the Soviet System knew that the capitalist knowledge will be useful for the propaganda of its ideology. They were aware that the american project was by far beyond their capabilities. So they used their spies to get all the precious information. It was already a failure for their system to recognize that they were forced to spy the enemy. They didn’t have the same research level to create the atomic bomb. The US had scientists and the Soviet Union spies. That’s the difference between the essence and the copy, the unique and the reproduction.