75608 - The Soviet tail

Ν. Lygeros

According to the Russian government’s declassified material,
the Soviet Union tested about 1000 nuclear devices between 1949 and 1990.
This is a fact but not only.
It’s also the tail of the Soviet system
i.e. radioactivity.
Even after decades the problem remains.
This is contamination for centuries
and even more.
This isn’t just an accusation
but a reality.
This is the contribution of the Soviet system,
nothing more, nothing less.
The Soviet Union wasn’t only a failure
as an ideology but also as a system
which was against the freedom of Mankind.
Even after the Cold War
the problem is still here.
The Soviet tail is by the way multiple.
Because the nuclear materials
were sold everywhere in the world.
No respect.
At the end of the communism, for some people
business was business.