75610 - Save Mankind

Ν. Lygeros

In Russia and in China a lot of people said that
for so many years that History is dead or even that it had to be killed,
now they are full of nostalgia.
For decades, they affirmed that only the present is meaningful
and that the past is dangerous for the future,
But now they declare after the fall
that we should reconstruct their past.
They forget to explain to the young people
that their past was made with genocides.
But we are older now and our memory
Can’t give up in this struggle
against their barbarity.
Ukraine or Taiwan have to be protected
because they are democracies with history.
They have the right to live free
without fears.
They belong to Mankind.
And this is a right.
In Russia and China the systems consider
that everything is possible
against their enemies.
But we can’t accept this.
Because their enemy is Mankind.