75611 - The puppetmaster

Ν. Lygeros

From the beginning, in the Ante Cold War, the Soviet intelligence was interested in Britain, France, Germany and of course the United States in the fields of military and industrial affairs. It was the only way for the Soviets to compete with them. In 1933, America recognized the Soviet Union and it was unfortunately the starting point for the Soviet spies in technology. At the same time the Communist Party of the US became a recruiter on behalf of Soviet intelligence. They used party members for espionage. The puppetmaster had human resources at his service. Even the State Department was delivering information to Soviet intelligence. The Soviet Union was in cooperation with the radical left of the US from the 1920s through the 1940s. The copy of the secret archives of Communist Party USA proved this deep relation. In the wartime, the Soviet  intelligence had stolen the design and production drawings for the P-80 Shooting Star fighter jet. For all this, in 1947, the Executive order of Harry Truman was edited to protect the US Government against subversive infiltration which was based on MIRE: money, ideology, revenge and ego. As simple as that.