75612 - Operation Denver

Ν. Lygeros

The Operation Denver was an active measure disinformation campaign. It was an idea of the KGB in the 1980s. They wanted to show that the United States had invented HIV/AIDS. They disinformed people to undermine the US, isolate America abroad and of course foster anti-Americanism. It was at the same time an attempt to distract international attention away from the Soviet offensive biological warfare program. At the beginning the target was to disturb the relations between India, Pakistan and the US. But after, they generalized the campaign to discredit the US at  a larger level. For this they published in Russia newspapers but also the Main Directorate for Reconnaissance. Stasi used its contact in Bulgaria to send documents that were able to prove the role of the US. The dissemination method was always the same. The propaganda and disinformation appeared in a country outside the USSR and not related to it. After one Soviet news agency. In this operation they said that the Central Intelligence Agency had sent AIDS-oiled condoms to other countries. Only in 1992 the Director of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service admitted that the KGB was behind this disinformation.