75613 - Soviet Dirty operations

Ν. Lygeros

It’s impossible to imagine how many Soviet dirty operations were even in the United States of America. The KGB tried to influence the Communist Party USA, Martin Luther King Junior. But it failed. For the Soviet Union MLK (Martin Luther King ) wasn’t radical enough and for this reason the KGB tried to show him as a new “Uncle Tom”. Even after his death, the KGB spread conspiracy theories which were about the so-called implication of the government in his murder. The KGB was also involved in the creation of the anti-black pamphlet, which was from the Jewish Defense League, in this red mentation. But the KGB did even worse things. The KGB also created racist letters as if it was a Ku Klux Klan campaign against Olympics athletes from Asian and African countries. The Soviet Union wanted to scare them from participating in the 1984 Summer Olympics boycott. But they failed and in the end, in Los Angeles there were 140 nations which was a record at the time. The Soviet Union wanted its revenge for the 1980 Summer Olympics boycott which was a protest against invasion of Afghanistan. At the end of those operations, the Soviet Union got only dirty results.