75614 - Question of credibility

Ν. Lygeros

When we study all the dirty operations of the Soviet Union,
it’s natural to have some questions of credibility of this system
and its continuation after its fall in 1991.
How could a system like this convince someone that it wasn’t created by the barbarity?
Each of its operation had only one negative aim and impact.
From the beginning the system knew
that it wasn’t sustainable
on its own.
It worked like a formal infection
but it was a contamination.
We shouldn’t compare it to any biological
phenomenon because its existence was deliberately
against Humanity.
There was no contribution to its evolution.
On the contrary everything had been done
for its regression.
Fortunately the system never won
something really substantial
at the level of Mankind
because the civilizations reacted to its attacks
with their robustness.
So the question of credibility
still remains.