75619 - The struggle

Ν. Lygeros

The struggle was clear.
At that time the problem was the contamination.
The method of containment wasn’t so efficient.
It was, for example, impossible to save the satellite
states from the soviet pressure.
The idea was to protect the others at least.
But after many years it was obvious that the contamination became an infection even in the core
of the diplomacy of the opponents of the Soviet Union.
The Soviet spies were literally everywhere in the world but also in the United States.
It was impossible to trust even the deepest structure of the State.
The duplication of the original was a special operation for Soviet intelligence. Hopefully its intelligence was restricted to that.
All the Soviet system was only a spy.
Nothing else.
Because even in the Soviet Union it was impossible to think or to create something.
Everything was under the total control of the system.
So the struggle against this barbarity became a priority even on the soil of the USA.
That was a new problem. And the US strategy had to fix it as soon as possible.