75620 - The many faces War

Ν. Lygeros

In the Soviet spirit everything was possible
in order to confirm the supremacy of this unique party.
But the paradox was to copy the first
which was America in order to be the first
even if that meant that the Soviet system was in reality the second.
The resolution of this paradox is easy.
We have to understand that the reality wasn’t important for the Soviets because only a few people knew it. The important thing was that all the others believed in their fake history.
In this framework, the duplication was indeed an efficient weapon.
The war at this ideological level
had many faces.
It was a simultaneous display like in chess.
So for the US it was crucial to be sure to take special care in the opening and to not accept a draw. They had to play aggressively because on psychological grounds, this was a very effective strategy. And finally, they didn’t have the option to be afraid. So they had to exchange pieces and prepare the endgame.