75626 - Remarks and Facts

Ν. Lygeros

WWI: 1914 – 1918
WWII: 1939 – 1945
Interbellum: 21 years
If the Kaiser had known in 1914
that his attack upon Belgium and France
would have led the UK and the USA
to arm their troops against him
he wouldn’t have invaded Belgium.
If Hitler had known in 1939
that the USA would have stood together
with Europeans against him
he wouldn’t have launched WWII.
NATO was created in 1949.
Cold War: 1947 – 1991.
Post-Cold War: 1991-2022
Russian Invasion in Ukraine.
For the first time in their history
Finland and Sweden decided to freely join NATO.
If Putin had known in 2022
that the USA and Europe
would have helped Ukraine…
Remarks and Facts.