75632 - The mechanisms of partisan bias

Ν. Lygeros

It’s difficult to realize how the mechanism of partisan bias works but it’s important to study it if we want to understand the past of the Cold war but also its future. Because the moves of Russia or China are not only new and they do not belong to a Markov chain even if this was the initial aim of their systems. The partisan bias transforms any information, even the more objective. It’s like a special filter. This property can be obtained by the system after a brainwash. When people are brainwashed they can believe everything from the fake history. And this is the important point in mass manipulation. Many people in the Cold War were convinced of many things but at the end of it, they realized that there was no relation with reality. We can see right now with the information about the invasion in Ukraine. The Russian mechanisms are simply everywhere. So we have to protect ourselves from this easy propaganda of very low level and to resist the others at a higher level. That’s why robustness is necessary.