75634 - State sponsor of terrorism

Ν. Lygeros

It’s strange that for the moment
only four countries are labeled
state sponsor of terrorism,
i.e. Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Syria.
All of them are contacts of the Soviet Union
and they are relations of Russia.
It’s the US State Department that is responsible
for designating nations as state sponsors of terrorism.
Its definition is easy to be understood.
This is a country that has repeatedly provided support
for acts of international terrorism.
So the question is simple.
What about Russia?
We have enough evidences
to make the right decision.
With the invasion of Ukraine
the role of Russia is clear.
There is no place for any misunderstanding.
By the way, we know
that China is watching
what we do in Ukraine
and what against the Russian barbarity.
There is time for diplomacy
we have to move on.