75641 - Freedom in the World

N. Lygeros

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It was common in Soviet Union to donate monuments to countries which were even partially controlled by its system.  Soviet Union did the same with Finland in the late 1980’s and the monument Peace in the World. The criticism against it was especially intense those months after the invasion of Ukraine. Finally Finland has decided to remove the peace monument donated by that Soviet Union. As we can see with this example that peace was a tool and even a weapon for Soviet Union. It’s interesting to mention the fact that peace in the world doesn’t mean that this world is free. Nowadays we easily understand that when someone prefers that peace to the freedom he’s always a partisan of the red mentation. This remark is particularly relevant in Cuba, North Korea or even in Turkey. Every system which wants peace at the end is always the same. It wants a forced peace without freedom. After so many years of forced neutrality, Finland has chosen freedom. And the removal of the Soviet monument is one more proof of this strategic decision.