75645 - Russian casualties

Ν. Lygeros

For Russia it’s impossible to say the truth and especially for its own casualties.
This is a tradition from the Soviet Union.
Human people are not important to the system.
The lack of recognition seems to be a tool when you consider yourself immortal.
But it’s a lethal tool.
In the invasion of Ukraine
Russia has already ten thousand casualties.
This is a combination of killed and wounded in action.
The problem is not only the number.
The point is that Russia has so many casualties despite the fact that Russian forces have achieved none of the Kremlin’s objectives.
This means in practice that the Russian morale is certainly low.
That’s why the Ukrainian resistance has a significant advantage. Its morale and its willingness is unquestionable.
So we see another problem of the continuation of the Soviet spirit in the mentation of Russia in this tragedy.
Russia is still thinking like a Soviet.