75647 - Life without soul

Ν. Lygeros

For the Soviet spirit the soul is forbidden.
That’s why even now, for Russia,
life has no importance.
Because life without soul is the only existence.
This is due to the fact that its ideology is existentialist.
In fact this point is more than relevant.
This is the explanation of the foundation
of the barbarity of the dialectical materialism
even if it was in reality
a materialist conception of history
which became historical materialism.
As we can see from the historical documents.
This is a Soviet interpretation
of what was never mentioned
by Marx and Engels
before the contribution of Stalin.
This is a deviation and of course
a partisan bias.
The lack of soul in this religion
explains why it never got
the level of the faith.
The fall of the Soviet Union is also related
to that issue.