75650 - In the desert

Ν. Λυγερός

In the desert,
ideology is useless.
But in the political desert, it’s effective.
Because in this case,
it’s all  about fake history.
First of all Russia and China are big countries
but their dominant face
due to the ideology
is only in space.
To do this they had tried
not only to forget their history
but even to kill it.
They became countries with no roots
but at the same time, they created a paradox.
Their foundations where a contradiction.
And this one is still here.
They wanted to be created ex nihilo
like an empty parthenogenesis.
And to save the world from the others
they preferred to destroy it
and to put everywhere
this concrete of shame
to construct their own paradise with faith.
But the result was hell on Earth.
Because in hell you don’t need any god.
Just a dictatorship.