75656 - Soviet propaganda

Ν. Lygeros

From the start due to the low level of the strategy which was fragile, the Soviet Union had to use propaganda. For its system deception was natural. When it’s impossible to change the reality, it’s still possible to change its interpretation in the brain of the victims. The paradox is that the first victims belong to the system. They were of course outside of the core. That’s why they had to be convinced that their ideology was correct. After that they had to use proselytism to convert people’s political beliefs. For this forced conversion could be made with coercion and even violence. But the most subversive method was to make the victims friendly. In this last case, they were persuaded by themselves that the Soviet Union would help them because they were communists. In reality, it’s possible to find something even worse. The Soviet system used the tradition of the past and reinforced local stories without meaning to create a deep bond between itself and the victims. Russia used it until now and abused many people who were believers of all this mythology which proved at the end that it was only a fake history.