75657 - The losers of Yalta

Ν. Lygeros

Yalta was a defeat for some countries that were convinced to belong to the Eastern Bloc. But Yalta rejected them officially. The communists of those countries had felt that it was possible to get one victory. But the decision of Stalin was clear. His choice would sacrifice them without any guilt. Because the bond was not symmetrical. Stalin abused them. He left them in the most official way but in secret, he convinced them that he would help them. It’s the classical scheme of the proxy war. The losers of Yalta continued their tactics in their countries, convinced that they were doing the right thing. But the treason was already prepared from the start. And suddenly the artificial aid was stopped. Before that they were losers in theory and after that in practice. These people at the end of their own struggle which was in reality not even a civil war but only a sacrificed proxy war, were still persuaded that their ideology was correct but that some tactical errors changed the situation. So for them the hope of a new change remained alive. The history has made its choices. For it the bifurcation changed everything. For them the error was an exterior element. But it was also an error. The error was structural and in essence a dogmatical error.