75660 - Resistance against Soviet expansion

Ν. Lygeros

Europe was always the target of the Soviet expansion
The US knew this dogma.
The protection of Europe concerned especially
Western Europe and the Mediterranean area.
For the Eastern Europe it was already too late
even from Teheran…
But the Soviet Union became very hostile to US interests.
The Soviets started to threaten the independence
of Turkey and Greece.
Soviet pressures in Turkey were problematic
to the US strategy.
Soviet support to communist guerilla actions
in Greece became very dangerous.
It was an attempt to establish a strong communist
presence in the region.
This was unacceptable for US.
For President Truman it was crucial to create
a resistance against the Soviet expansion.
This was done by the British expeditionary force
in Athens.
Greece had to be maintained in the British
sphere of influence in the eastern Mediterranean.
It was the time of the second Red Scare.