75661 - Strategic errors

Ν. Lygeros

The Greek Democratic Army was completely controlled by the Greek Communist Party and it was assisted  by the new communist regimes of Albania, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia always, under the control of Big Brother i.e. the Soviet Union.
This was a strategic error.
Because it was too heavy to accept it.
Especially after Yalta.
The Truman Administration supplied
the Greek National Army
with instructions, weapons and material.
For communists the guerilla was finished.
They wanted a full scale conventional military warfare.
The Greek public opinion was against communists.
The abduction of ten thousand children
to create a communist avant–garde military force
like ottoman Janissaries
was a barbarity.
The biggest ideological error
of the Greek Communist Party
was to support Stalin until the end
against Tito.
The Yugoslavia aid stopped.
This was the end of the communists in Greece.