75665 - Turkey and Soviets

Ν. Lygeros

1964: Change of phase. Turkey became a priority of the Soviet Union.
The Soviets started talking about the rights of the two national communities.
Gromyko said even more.
The national communities may choose a federal form of government…
Turkey declined to participate in the NATO multilateral force. It was it’s thanks.
1965: Cyprus issue debated in General Assembly in the United nations.
The resolution in favor of the independence and sovereignty of Cyprus and now of opposition to any external intervention in the island’s affairs was passed. But the Soviet Union was in the 54 abstentions.
1966: Economic Soviet – Turkish relation.
1967 Demirel visited Moscow.
The Soviets agreed to build industrial plants in Turkey.
1972: Signature of the declaration of principles of good-neighboring relations.
1974 Deniz Baykal said “The most important aspect of today’s coup is not the installation of Sampson the murderer of Turks and British, but the inevitability that Greece would soon be our southern neighbor. Greece is about to take the last step. This should be prevented.”