75666 - Beyond Acheson plans

Ν. Lygeros

The first invasion of Cyprus
can be considered as the execution
of a part of the Acheson plans.
The idea was to unify the Kyrenia -Nicosia axis.
At least at the start and we mean before
the resistance of Greeks.
But after the ceasefire in the collapse of talks
in Geneva, it was an opportunity for Turks
to partition the land and to create for them a buffer zone for the protection of Turkey
in case of the presence of Greece in southern Cyprus.
So Turkey for the second invasion of Cyprus
chose a full-scale invasion to occupy at the end of it 37% of Cypriot territory.
After that point, the Soviet propaganda
started to present the coup against Makarios
in July 1974 as an action of the Greek junta
which was prepared by NATO and, of course,
especially by the US government.
But now, with the archives, we know that this propaganda was a fake history.
And it was ridiculous because Turkey was already in NATO.
And the three powers were all in NATO.