75674 - American archives

Ν. Lygeros

When we are fighting against totalitarian regimes it’s important to have access to historical archives. Because of the supremacy of propaganda in space, time became the place of the resistance. You can read many things on the internet but you have to find the sources to avoid the fake news. Many people can say many things about almost everything. But the people who know what the reality of history is, are very rare. A good example about that is of course the Cyprus Issue. If we don’t put this issue as a pawn on the chessboard of geopolitics and especially on the battlefield of the Cold War, it’s impossible to understand the real nature of the problem. With the American archives from the White House, it’s easy to see how the Soviet propaganda changed the facts to support its ideology even in this simple proxy war. And the reason is simple. After the loss of Egypt, the Soviets had to find another solution to stay in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. They were afraid of the potential domination of NATO in this region. So they did everything it was possible to complexify the Cyprus Issue and to prove that the US were responsible for everything. It worked for many decades but now it’s a failure.