75676 - Russian shame

Ν. Lygeros

At the beginning, the Kremlin said that the invasion in Ukraine was only a special military operation and that it was a duty to liberate the poor Ukrainians from the government of Kyiv. But this fake history is finished now. Even the Russian forces are tired now. So the Kremlin has to find a new methodology. And its radical idea is to liberate the prisoners of the Russian justice and to propose to them to go to the front in Ukraine with the promise to liberate them after six months. So the great mission is now a mission of killers who will be sacrificed like in the movie Gamer to find where the Ukrainian warriors are.
They are going to be used
and of course abused.
The invasion was presented as an operation.
Now everybody knows that in fact it’s a shameful operation.
Russia was not only unable to finish its invasion in a few days but now it has to use even killers to try to save this operation.
Such a shame.