75686 - War of Mankind

Ν. Lygeros

Barbarity with Soviet Union
declared war to Mankind.
It wasn’t a local struggle
but a real war from the beginning.
With no surrender.
In the Ante Cold War it wasn’t obvious,
in the Cold War it was official
and in the Post Cold War it became subversive.
But now with the Second Cold War
it’s impossible not to see it.
So the warriors of Mankind have to fight.
The problem is not only Ukraine,
Moldavia, Finland, Sweden
or even Europe
but the whole Mankind.
The hate against freedom
is the hate against Humanity.
We have to say: hold on!
We have to stop this war.
It’s not just a question of an illegal move,
an invasion but an attempt
to kill freedom.
And it’s our duty to protect it.