75687 - The process of dehumanization

Ν. Lygeros

The Soviet propaganda was made
to justify political repressions
of entire social groups
which were targeted
by Marxism
because in this ideology
they were against the class of proletariat.
A way to do this without any cost
was the process of dehumanization.
By the way the Nazi propaganda did the same.
Lenin called to exterminate enemies as harmful insects.
Marx did the theory and Lenin applied it
to the real world.
For the system, enemies must be seen as inferior.
The Soviets considered that their enemies were
degenerated at the physical and moral sense.
Stalin used the process of dehumanization
even to the Russians.
It was a final solution before the official one
but also after.
And that is the real problem.
This Soviet system has targeted
the whole Humanity.