75688 - Active measures

Ν. Lygeros

In the active measures,
we can find the promotion of terrorism.
The mental schema is the following.
Nuclear arms have made military force obsolete.
So the terrorism became the mean weapon.
That’s why the Soviet secret services are considered
as the primary instructors of guerillas worldwide.
This is completed with the installation
of puppet communist governments
in Eastern Europe, in China, in North Korea.
But in active measures, we can’t forget
the political assassinations.
We know now many of them.
The active measures were specific operations based on foreign policy priorities of the Soviet Union and it was natural for Russia to keep this tradition alive even after the fall.
All these include the support of groups from the criminal, insurgency, revolutionary and of course terrorist level.
They were in fact only pawns
for the pieces of the Kremlin
on the Soviet chessboard.
But Russia kept the same chessboard.