75689 - The human resistance

Ν. Lygeros

Even if we are only humans
we can resist to barbarity
no matter if it is black or red
because we belong to Mankind
and Time is with us.
We can give all what we are
even if we have nothing.
It’s not a question of power but of duty.
We have faith
and we don’t need any system
if its structure is against freedom.
The human resistance was always
a weapon for Mankind.
If we are on its chessboard, goban, shogiban
the important thing is not to know
what to do, but how to do it
to be useful to the essence of Humanity.
Because the key-point is not to win
only a local battle
but how this can contribute
to the war against barbarity.
This is the issue
for all of us and especially for the gifted.