75698 - We will survive

Ν. Λυγερός

We have decided that we will survive any totalitarian regime, system of barbarity.
This is the starting point of every
warrior of Mankind.
And this is precisely the problem for them.
This decision was made also
in the Ante Cold War era.
This was the problem for the Soviet Union but also for the Nazis.
And even when they tried to be together and to attack us, we were ready to fight.
In fact, they had to realize
that the core of a warrior is a survivor.
Because from the start he knew
that he had to be in the struggle
until the end and even after to continue.
That’s why the warrior has to survive
every battle of the war.
The problem is never to fall
but to have the moral
to go beyond it
and to continue to fight against barbarity
no matter if it is black or red.
Because the important point is always
the protection of innocent people.