75699 - The fight of souls

Ν. Lygeros

In totalitarian systems, they consider that the existence of souls is not important.
But this is a strategic error.
Because at the end,
they are defeated by souls.
The souls are in fact the warriors of Mankind.
Because they have to be with us
even after the end
to be prepared for the next struggle.
And the core of souls is only light.
They follow the bosonic distribution
and they can be at the same time and the same space
in space-time.
Even if some of them don’t know
the Bose-Einstein statistics
they know how to move in history.
It’s also interesting to keep in mind
the idea of  Bose-Einstein condensation
if we want to understand
the behavior of souls
in the context of a war
but also at the end
when the light wins the darkness.