75709 - About terrorism

Ν. Lygeros

It’s important from the beginning of the study about terrorism that this notion isn’t necessarily negative for every system.
For black or red barbarity it was only a tool for the system, not even a weapon.
Trotsky wrote the book The Defense of Terrorism.
In fact terrorism belongs to the DNA of Bolshevism.
For Bolsheviks terror was a need.
This method created a strange and dangerous tradition even outside of Russia.
Finnish Red Terror 1918.
Hungarian Red Terror 1919.
Spanish Red Terror 1936.
Yugoslavian Red Terror 1941.
Greek Red Terror 1943.
Chinese Red Terror 1966.
Ethiopia Red Terror 1976.
Indian Red Terror 2007.
The need became a tool
and at the end a weapon.
But from the beginning it was a crime
and it became a crime against Humanity.
That’s why terrorism is not considered with the same manner throughout the World.
And this mentation supported and supports terrorism even now.