75712 - The Black Chamber

Ν. Lygeros

There are so many things to say about the NSA.
But it’s important to remember its past to understand its future.
The US created the Black Chamber in 1919 but it was shut down in 1929.
Ten years of instruction.
The first peace time cryptanalytic organization.
After a gap,
the Signal Intelligence Service
was created to decipher the communications
of the Axis powers in World War II.
Army Security Agency.
Under the Director of Military Intelligence Armed Forces Security Agency in 1949.
Change of cycle in 1951.
Truman’s order.
Creation of the National Security Agency.
It’s good to know this past
from the Black Chamber
to understand the bifurcations of the future.
New phase.
The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.
War on Terror
Thin Thread, Trailblazer, Turbulence.