75713 - Something you should know

Ν. Lygeros

A way to understand the importance of the Cold War just after the end of World War II is simply to realize when the National Security Act of 1947 took effect.
In fact it was part of the process.
And it is the year of the creation of the CIA.
This information is relevant and indicative.
Because when you have freedom
you have to protect it
even after the war
as peace is not safe for it
when your opponents are totalitarian regimes.
Freedom is too precious
and strategic errors have a terrible cost.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation
created in 1908
was no more sufficient.
The creation of the Central Intelligence Agency
was necessary in 1947.
And after 1952 the new version
of the National Security Agency
became indispensable.
The warriors of the Cold War
were at least ready.
Now you know it.