75718 - ONE

Ν. Lygeros

When we are fighting against barbarity
we have to be ONE, in the sense of Mankind.
This is our feeling when we have a mission
at the United Nations Organization.
Because everything is possible when you have faith.
Barbarity doesn’t care about souls
and it has no faith.
The only important thing for it
is the fake history.
But when you love somebody
you have to protect him.
Your intelligence is made for that.
In the notion of ONE
you can find out only the unity
of the warriors of Mankind
but also their duty.
Their love is Mankind
and they have to protect it.
That’s why you can find
a lot of them in New York.
It’s not an american way of thinking
but the spirit of the same duty
against barbarity
because Mankind has to be free.