75723 - The fall of the sickle

Ν. Lygeros

The sickle is now obsolete.
But communism still uses it.
Is this a manner to say
that it is also an obsolete ideology?
Because it’s impossible to imagine
that it is a symbol of innovation!
It’s interesting to see
that an ideology which is radical
i.e. with no roots
feels the necessity to keep the sickle.
Maybe it’s only for the roots
of the others,
of the enemies,
of the civilizations,
or simply of Mankind.
In any case,
the fall of the sickle
is a necessity for Mankind.
And this is a question of Time.
Communism uses all its propaganda
to cut the links,
the relations
and keeps only the contact.
That’s why it hasn’t chronostrategy.