75724 - Generations of the system

Ν. Lygeros

The first generation had as ideology
the Mao Zedong Thought.
It started in 1949 and ended in 1978.
The second generation used
the Deng Xiaoping Theory
from 1978 to 1989.
The third generation was
the Three Represents from 1989 to 2002.
The fourth generation
with the Scientific Outlook on Development
had as starting point the year 2002
and was stopped in 2012.
The fifth generation started in 2012
with Xi Jinping Thought.
This tradition came from the system of promotion in the Chinese Communist Party and in the People’s Liberation Army.
Both used and use the seniority.
But in 2018 the things had changed.
The National People’s Congress altered
the country’s constitution to remove the two-term
limit on holding the Presidency of China.
So the current leader can remain president for an unlimited time.
This is dictatorial governance.