75729 - Communism and disease

Ν. Lygeros

From the start, communism was presented like a therapy to the illness of the society. And communists in their imagination where represented always as healthy people.
When communism took the power in some countries and especially in Russia and in China, its enemies were considered like insects.
The paradox was always the same.
How could capitalism be at the same time strong enough to be a great enemy of the ideology and weak in its core?
The interesting point of communism is that its vision is only economic but officially always for the society.
This problem was already in Das Kapital. Marx wanted to demonstrate that the socialist mode of production was better than the capitalist mode of production. It was a failure at the level of the theory
and its application to reality was even worse. It was in fact an empty system which wanted to be more than the others but without anything. And this was impossible.
History proved that this system was against the freedom of Mankind and not only against capitalism. In fact, communism had a genetic disease with no therapy but it wanted to survive with its genocides.