75730 - The Metamorphoses of Communism

Ν. Lygeros

Communism started with simple ideas but their combinations were incompatible. This generated a structural error. But its believers tried to convert it while they were saying that the problem was the reality. In fact the initial model was fake. Each time, the problem came from outside and never from inside. But the outside was the world and the inside the ideology. As their ideology was always right, it was the reality that was erroneous. This mental schema was a solution in their dogma. But in the end, what they produced was a dogmatic error. It was a religion without faith. As it was impossible to find believers, communism needed servants. And the only state which could be produced by this ideology was a slave state, nothing else was possible. These Metamorphoses of communism were unable to create something or at least something functional. We can see it with China, Cuba, Laos, North Korea and Vietnam. None of them is a free state. Even worse, none of them are based on History. They constituted only countries of space without time in an eternal present which is not a gift for their people.