75732 - Red book and Black Book

Ν. Lygeros

Barbarity can be black or red
the important thing for Mankind is
that it is always barbarity.
We don’t care about those scholars who study
exclusively red or black barbarity
without mentioning the other.
This is not a question of expertise but ethics.
For us it’s impossible to keep silent on one of them.
We are fighting for Mankind and Time is with us.
So we don’t forget any genocide.
The barbarity of the Third Reich, of the Soviet Union, etc. is always a barbarity.
We continue the work of Raphael Lemkin who started our struggle, coining the word genocide which is one of the foundations of the Rights of Mankind.
We are always on the side of the victims
no matter if this side is on the right or the left.
We don’t want to miss a victim.
It’s all about their dignity and not only their memory.
Because Humanity is not only the alive people
but also, the dead and the unborn
that’s why we are concerned by any barbarity
of the past, the present and the future.