75733 - The warrior’s code

Ν. Lygeros

Everybody knows that in the warrior’s code
there is no surrender because the soul never stops.
Between Mankind and barbarity
there is no neutrality.
Between Freedom and slavery
there is no intermediate.
We are not fighting against slavery because it’s right.
Our struggle against barbarity is a duty.
So we fight for the victory.
Because only victory
can liberate innocent people.
Barbarity never stops alone.
We have to show
the path of the end.
We are not here for something else.
And this is exactly the problem of barbarity.
It always underestimates the human resistance
and the robustness of memory in the oblivion.
This is not only
a primitive dash
between two enemies,
it’s the struggle of freedom
which has the duty to liberate any victim.
We didn’t write the warrior’s code
but we follow it since the beginning
of our struggle.