75735 - The freedom

Ν. Lygeros

The freedom had always been dangerous for all the totalitarian systems.
But a lot of them had chosen the symbol of peace.
Freedom is a value.
Peace is a principle.
Peace is compatible with a slave state.
A democracy has to be free.
A peaceful democracy can be totalitarian.
The dictatorship of the proletariat always speaks about peace but never about freedom.
Peace can be used as a tool by a regime and a weapon by a totalitarian one.
Freedom is compatible with Mankind.
Peace is made only for societies,
because there is no problem
with indifference and oblivion.
So if you are a warrior of Mankind
you know that only freedom is important.
You say war or peace.
But we say freedom or death.
Because peace without freedom is a slavery.
And freedom without peace is liberation.
We made our choice for freedom.
And you are still only for peace.