75736 - Unfree systems

Ν. Lygeros

The question is not if you are from the West or the East, but if you love freedom.
Some people never had the opportunity to be free because the birth was in a slave state. But how could you choose to be unfree just because it’s the  choice of your ideology.
And ideology which is devoid of freedom can’t be human.
And unfree systems are like this.
So it’s not a question of color but essence.
Peace is good for existence but that’s it.
Life needs freedom.
Mass killings were made
by totalitarian systems
which wanted peace for their slaves but never freedom.
To get their dignity,
slaves need freedom.
Freedom is related to human dignity.
And the unfree systems are afraid of them.
Even if you are the last free man
you are a symbol of resistance.
You are the light in the dark.
The gift of life for others.