75737 - Free men

Ν. Lygeros

Nazism and Communism were and are against freedom. They never had a problem with peace because it’s only the end of the war with the result they wanted.
Our definition is not anti-nazists or even anti-communists.
Those systems came after US
and they will stay behind the US.
We are free men.
That’s why we are warriors of Mankind.
The use of the prefix anti
is indicative of the totalitarian systems
to show that they are victims.
But this doesn’t work.
Even the propaganda has its limit.
The Berlin Wall was built to prevent
the emigration from East to West.
And all the people who attempted to escape
did it always in that direction.
And it was the same for the Iron Curtain.
But the Eastern Bloc presented the wall of shame as a protection of the anticommunism elements who were conspiring to prevent
the construction of a socialist state.
Nobody believed it.