75738 - Our love of freedom

Ν. Lygeros

Our love of freedom is a non-ordinary one.
And for us it’s impossible to sacrifice it even for peace.
We are going to fight until the end against national socialist, national-democratic, people’s democratic, socialist-oriental and workers and peasants’ states. Because all those names are simply the same barbarity.
Those systems need only one part,
the party of barbarity.
At the level of Mankind, liberation started a few decades ago.
And now we have more and more free states.
Because freedom is a value and not simply a principle. It’s not related to a special society.
It’s a gift for Mankind.
It doesn’t need any dictatorship of any kind.
We saw it in the Ante Cold War era, the Cold War and the Post Cold War. All we need is love of freedom. There is no longer neutrality as an option.
A Republic is not a people’s object.
A Republic needs to be free.
It’s the only way for it to produce
human history and to be compatible
with the Rights of Humanity.