75739 - The power of love

Ν. Lygeros

With these words, you understand
the deep love for freedom
the monstrous offer to Mankind
and the heavy beauty of the struggle
against barbarity.
With history we can keep our memory
with strategy we can use our intelligence.
The Cold War with its ante and post eras
was one of the most important fights of the light against the darkness.
That’s why we wanted to analyse the past, to study the present and to prepare for the future.
We aren’t at the end of the process.
What we have to do is keep fighting.
You saw which  were
the cold warriors
but did you imagine
the warriors of Mankind
Now you know that it’s a reality
and not only a vision.
We are already in this polycyclic reality
after the bifurcation of Time
for the protection of the Rights of Humanity.