75740 - A force from above

Ν. Lygeros

Even if it is unusual to call it this
the Grand Strategy is a force from above.
All the problems are not always on a chessboard,
a goban or a shogiban i.e in the restricted space of two dimensions.
That’s why is so important to see the big picture
but for that you need a deep mind,
a deep neural network
to read the memory of the future.
Historians are good for the analysis of the past
but strategists are good for the synthesis of the future.
Only with plasticity of our thought
and the robustness of our vision
we can see what to do
because we know what has been done
by the warriors against barbarity.
And our souls are connected
in the polycyclic hyperstructure
of Mankind in Time.
We are no longer innocent
and we have to be Righteous
because it’s our duty for Mankind
and the request of Time.