75757 - Human necessity

Ν. Lygeros

For you it was a human necessity.
Never before have you felt this.
It was impossible to see this as a game.
There is no game which is so precious.
The idea was related to Mankind.
Its loss wasn’t an option.
At the beginning you just wanted
to see the alive essence.
But rapidly you understood
that it wasn’t only a liberation
but a request to the source of life.
That’s why it was so important
to taste it or even to drink it.
It was your way to save it
and to use the phenomenon.
Because after this act
it was a piece of your own life.
It’s only with the distance
that you realized the importance
of your request.
After that moment
you felt the change of phase.
The target was double.
To see and to save the essence.