75787 - The white chest

Ν. Lygeros

When she saw the first traces of passion
she got an idea
but she never expressed it.
She needed time.
She thought that she had to be patient.
At that time it was inexpressible,
like an unstated grace.
For that reason, it was amazing that he heard it.
But after all,
he was able to hear the silence.
And this time, her silence was white.
Like her wonderful chest…
But the question was different.
She thought that she had to solve an issue.
In reality, the gift was ready.
She saw it in front of her
without any obstacle.He knew it.
He heard her silent voice
which fit in with his score.
He was ready to play his solo.
She saw his instrument.
She heard from its strings the first notes
and she continued until the end
when the music was splattered over her chest.