75791 - The dune in the desert

Ν. Lygeros

After the bifurcation,
her soul was deeply cleaned.
by the power of his love.
The world had changed
and everything was different.
They were connected in a special way.
He kept away from her
everything that could hurt her.
This love wasn’t only pleasure.
It had the shape of a treasure.
Beyond the shield and the armor
his essence was omnipresent
and she could feel it
in her mind and on her body.
Like a present of Time.
A strategic mix of the past and the future.
She thought that he came too late
but after decades
she understood that it was too early.
He wasn’t from the past only
but also from the future
and she was at the junction,
the key-stone of the bridge,
the troubled water,
the dune in the desert.